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Fréquently asked questions

Do we need to plan our sheets, necessity of baths or cooking(kitchen)?
No sheets towels and cloths are supplied to you on the spot and are included in the price list.
Is there a hairdryer in the apartment or the chalet?
Yes, in 4 apartments and in chalet.
If we have a baby, which equipment you can supply us?
Highchair and reads umbrella.
Have you the possibility of supplying us a WiFi access?
Yes, as well in the chalet " Fenière " as in 4 apartments of " the aiguillette " you had a WiFi access.
Are apartments ventilated?
Yes, every apartment and the chalet are equipped with an automatic VMC.
For the main accesses have you several keys?

Every main entrance is equipped with an access code and with an intercom.

How are equipped apartments?
Browse the description by apartment, however, all contain: 1 or 2 devices with raclette, with fondue, of an iron, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a coffeepot, produced to wash the linen, the dishes, and the filters are to be planned.
Or is tidied up the equipment of skis ?
For the apartments of the Aiguillette of the arrangements with skis are planned, with the possibility of leaving them in outbuildings in the main entrance.

For the fenière, a premises(places) are planned in RDC(GROUND FLOOR).

Or can we park the car?

You have several pay parking lots on Chantemerle, but we have the possibility on reservation to rent  you for garages privative and closed near apartments and near chalet for an amount of 70 €uros the week.

Is there a fireplace?
Yes only in the chalet " the fenière "; for the wood we can give you to it on request.
Is there a closed safe?
No, no apartment possesses a safe.
Where are geographically situated apartments or chalet?

2 houses are situated in the old village of Chantemerle Serrre-Chevalier 1350), unless 80 metres from the lifts

Are there additional expenses in the announced price list?
Yes, the tourist tax, as in any kind of tourist rent.
Also the fixed price cleaning of the end of stay, if you do not wish to make it:
Fenière: 170 €uros and an apartment of the Aiguillette: 60 €uros
What is the procedure for the reservation of rent?
To get in touch with us in and from the reception of your deposit (25 % of the amount of your rent) your reservation becomes firm.